Organa Keto A single food can not be held responsible for the increase in blood cholesterol (since this depends on several factors), however the continued consumption of red meat, as well as its derivatives such as fatty sausages such as bacon, fuet, sausages, etc. Directly affect the values ​​of total blood cholesterol, increasing the LDL fraction of increased cardiovascular risk.

Do caffeinated drinks (cola, coffee) interfere with the absorption of calcium in children?

Soft drinks are not recommended in children for excess sugar and negatively affect the consumption of water and fruits, essential in the acquisition of good habits, in addition to cola drinks have caffeine and phosphoric acid, two additives inconvenient for the health of children. Caffeine is an exciting substance and excess phosphoric acid unbalances the organic balance of calcium and can promote bone decalcification, although more studies are needed to corroborate it.


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