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Kerapac uses the needle to bring back by reversing time in on that island of  RS gold the that lived on fossil island. So utilize our kudos to travel to the fossil island that is fossil island and we will need to go to the historian in varrock. Hence the"land from time" title. It'll be the first step to stopping kerapac who's amassing the elder artifacts as they are infinity stones to snap the world off. (he's the needle, the mirror and armadyl's staff though he ruined the rock of jas because he had to break his connection). I am hoping regions of the property will possess skeletal dragonkin/dactyl races along with other parts will have living dinosaurs and etc.. However, I do believe that kerapac is using the needle to undo time on the island. Something like this" but they've since removed that remark. So thats my theory.

So, I just had an idea for a pursuit or narrative between a female goblin called Uggy who, after living her whole life in Bandosian culture which compelled her to fight all of the time and keep her thoughts hidden, has all of a sudden began to research these ideas once Bandos expired in battle with Armadyl. She's a very open-minded person who is always prepared to listen to others' perspectives and take them. After Bandos' death, Uggy begins to question his doctrine, stating things such as"was Big High Chicken God right?" And"is better than that which Big High War God said we is? "Her past could draw a near parallel with Aagi out of Guthix's memories. She would have lived with her dad who was killed by one of those goblin tribes in war, and his words to her would stick in her mind forever. One of those words she may use is"wantsed", which would be a mixture of the past and present tense as he wanted Uggy to  cheap RuneScape gold keep an open mind and listen to what folks say, and to keep these thoughts in her heart at all times.

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