by on July 5, 2019

Ok, I know I have written about Hayato several times in the past, but I really, really believe that he's rather underpowered. He is, basically, a fast-paced mobbing warrior. But, that seems to be the only thing to him. His 1v1 skill, Shinsoku, seems fairly underwhelming, even with Hypers considered and even a good piece of funds. In addition, his playstyle seems to be lone-wolf such as, but he does  MaplestoryM Mesos not appear to be completely equipped for this. This endangers him at worst, hinders him greatly at least for many major directors (Empress, Hard Magnus, to mention 2).

Besides that, I believe that Hayato, for it's current underpowered standing, is quite tough to buff with out getting overpowered. It's already kind of a bully class early to mid game (Lv. 30-130) in terms KSing possible for his or her mobbing abilities, and his blisteringly fast attacks. If one were to adjust the damage%'s of his Sanrenzan, or even add additional attack lines, it makes him overpowered. Perhaps if Shinsoku had a greater% damage per line, it can help things, but I would suggest adding a bind of some sort to his kit.

Now, abilities aside, I believe there is a much greater reason he doesn't get as much love from gamers: his command. Granted, he's 60% command from the very start, but that would be it. Other classes get 80% mastery, maintaining their damage comparatively stable. Hayato? His harm jumps about as much as he or she does. There's also the matter of his assault multiplier (which is quite hard to adapt in a means that's buy Maplestory mobile mesos ).

2h swords/axes/maces possess a general multiplier of 1.34, and spears/polearms have 1.49. With the aforementioned in mind, what, praytell, do you guys think would equilibrium Hayato out?

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